How to Setup a Back up on Windows 8

Backup Your Windows 8 – Here’s How.

imagesCAJVOA3IThis article will teach you how to backup your Windows 8 device quickly.  The backup type that you will learn about is a full backup which backs up your PC in its entirety
to be used in case of a system crash or if other critical problems that may occur.

1. Move your cursor to the very bottom-left of your screen and click to access the Windows 8 ‘Start’ menu
2. Now that you’re in the ‘Start’ menu simply start typing ‘File Recovery’ it will start a search. Click on ‘Settings’ on the right
3. The search results will appear on the left. Out of this list click ‘Windows 7 File Recovery
4. When the ‘Set Up Backup’ starts up, select your backup drive and click ‘Next
5. Stay with the default ‘Let Windows Choose’ and then click ‘Next
6. This page will give you an overview of what will be backed up.  You can choose to change the default schedule. If you choose to keep to the default schedule to step 9
7. Click ‘Change schedule.’ In this dialog box you can set multiple parameters.  You can choose whether or not to run the backup on a schedule.
If you choose to run the backup on a schedule you can choose how often, what day and what time to run it
When done, click ‘Ok
8. Once you have the Backup set to your liking, click ‘Save settings and run backup
9. The backup will now run for the first time.  While the backup is running you can close the window and feel free to use your computer as usual.  If you have the backup on a schedule it will run accordingly.
If you decided to run the backup without a schedule it will be up to you to choose when to backup.

These Steps should help you with backing up windows 8.

This is a way that you can do it yourself. If you need further assistance or don’t have the time  Fast N Ezzy Computer Repair can do it for you.

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